Join us in our fight for truth and justice.

It is hard to imagine the pain of loosing ones partner only to be wrongly convicted of his murder. With no body, no murder weapon and no clear motive many people feel deeply concerned with how a guilty conviction was handed down. Read on to discover more about our fight for Sue's innocence and quest to discover the truth of what really happened to Bob. For recent and evolving updates on the case, please go to

This website has been created by supporters, friends and family of Susan Blyth Neill-Fraser (Sue) in effort to highlight the fight to achieve justice and in turn find out what truly happened to Robert Adrian Chappell (Bob), her partner of nearly 20 years. Sue is currently incarcerated in the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison in Tasmania for the murder of Bob despite the identification of serious concerns raised by a growing number of high profile criminal lawyers, legal academics and media.

Sue is due to return to Court in early February 2019 to progress an Application to seek leave under Tasmanian Right to Appeal legislation passed in 2015. Click on the following link to be directed to the Save Sue website which contains recent and evolving updates on the Case: Savesue

Sue has consistently protested her innocence but being found guilty by a Hobart jury, she has been sentenced to 23 years with 13 years non-parole. However, as she passionately maintains her innocence this parole period offers little reassurance that she will be released, given the requirement to acknowledge responsibility. Indeed, how can someone who innocent conceded culpability?

Sue’s friends, family and those with a concern for social justice are highly critical of the circumstantial evidence case brought against Sue, as well as the processes surrounding securing and maintaining the conviction. We are united in our effort to pursue justice and hope to one day uncover what really happened to Bob, who remains a missing person.