Coronial Inquest

A request for a Coronial Inquest was lodged with the Hobart magistrates court in 2013. In January 2014, the Coroner released his report and concluded that he was not going to hold a public inquiry and that he was satisfied to maintain the status quo being, that the court process was sufficient. We strongly refute this finding however, we are aware that the Coroner cannot come to a conclusion which is at odds with the findings of a court. As Mr Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Dennision stated:

“The Coroners Act does not allow him to make a finding contrary to the decision of an associated criminal trial. Moreover he states quite clearly that he was presented with evidence that is not within his jurisdiction. As such he suggested that such evidence is more appropriately raised in an appeal of the conviction rather than in connection with the inquest. Everyone who reads the report should be careful to take the comments in context and appreciate the limitations imposed on the Coroner by law”. [Click here to read Mr Wilkie’s full statement]


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