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As Sue’s ex husband I have known her very well and for many years. I am certain of her innocence in the matter of Bob’s disappearence. Many issues in regard to her trial were, in my opinion,and witness, mismanaged and badly defended by those employed to do so. I fervently hope for a retrial to clear Sue,s name and make some true efforts toward finding out what really happened to Bob. Justice has not been served nor seen to be done by her trial and incarceration.

-Brett Meeker

I have known Sue for at least 35 years and was in business with her for probably 5 years in the early 1990’s. The accusations against Susan are totally preposterous and in no way is there any element of truth in them. They are total fabrications . I can assure anybody reading this that Susan is totally incapable of harming anybody.

-Bob Martin

How can a jury be beyond reasonable doubt when there is so much evidence eg DNA of another person at the crime scene who says she was never there and lied about her whereabouts on the night, sightings of an unidentified grey dinghy at the scene – Sue’s dinghy is WHITE with blue trim), and a fictional creation of a wrench weapon and method of killing Bob being taken as fact, despite no witnesses and no body to substantiate the claim. Everyone expects a fair trial and should be given one.

– Eve Ash

Sue was like a mother to myself as well as all the people around me that had the pleasure of meeting her along side her wonderful daughter, Sarah. Her gentle approach to life was inspirational and beautiful which is why I doubt such allegations that Sue was in any way capable of this horrendous crime towards such a great man.

– Robert Cartledge

Sue is a woman with only love and good will in her heart. She took us all under her wing when we were teenagers, looked after us. As did Bob! A grave miscarriage of justice. An innocent woman behind bars. A good man missing.

-Rebecca Spiteri

Well after my husband and i knowing sue through renting a property in Bagdad for around 3 years, we got to know her very well and have never believed she had a motive to murder Bob. she used to talk about him as her soul mate. Maybe if the jury looked into the evidence “of which i know as nothing concrete” they may have tried her differently. Personally my husband and i would stand up in any court of law and swear on the bible. I personally think that this was a trial case as there was no body found, even with the high tech machine they bought over too search the river. Well I BELIEVE SUSAN IS INNOCENT

-Debbie Fabian


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